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Muddy Blinds

Muddy Blinds THE PENTHOUSE 87' W x 69" D x 78" T Door: 30" W x 70" T Horizontal Windows: 28" W x 15" T Vertical Windows: 12" W x 42" T Floor: Joist and Sheeting Walls: Therma-Tek Panels Roof: Heavy-Duty Rotational Molded Plastic Windows: Residential Quality Glass and Steel Hardware The Bull Insulated Design [...]

Ambush Blinds

Ambush Blinds JJC Outdoors is a proud dealer of Ambush Hunting Blinds Stalker Hunting Blind By Ambush The Stalker is the core blind that started it all for Ambush Blinds.  The octagon-shaped hunting blind features a unique window configuration that provides multiple shot angles with either your rifle, crossbow, or bow.  The Stalker is a fully insulated, strong, and [...]

Redneck Blinds

Redneck Blinds Redneck: 6X8 Game Changer 360° The Game Changer changes the way you hunt... Big enough to comfortably fit 3-4 adults, this blind is the ultimate solution to being able to scan a wide area while hunting with multiple hunters. Having more room to accommodate more helpful eyes to spot your trophy of a [...]