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Redneck Big Country BlindRedneck: Big Country

The Big Country Blind is perfect for the hunter who needs more leg and arm room or has lots of gear. There is no better blind in the world for two hunters and a camera man. The room, along with the visibility for all hunters is absolutely amazing.

  • Made from long-lasting fiberglass
  • Large tinted tempered, automotive-glass windows
  • Vertical and horizontal glass windows for bow, crossbow, or gun hunting
  • Silk screen black camo pattern on lower half of vertical windows.
  • 2” roof overhang and window drip edge help keep rain off the windows
  • Closed cell foam insulated ceiling, acoustical foam covered walls, and high density foam pad underneath floor carpet
  • provide for superior sound control and insulation
  • 3 highly functional gear consoles pre-installed to help organize your hunting gear
  • Built in shelves and gun holders
  • EZ-Pull silent window opening system for horizontal windows
  • Available with Deluxe 5ft, 10ft & 15ft powder coated steel stands
  • Full line of blind accessories available to enhance your hunting experience
  • Instructional DVD and printed instructions included

Redneck Buck Palace BlindRedneck: The Buck Palace 360 – 6×6 Crossover Blind

Do you want the Best Blind available?
The Buck Palace 360 6X6 Crossover Blind is the Best blind on the market, whether you are hunting with a gun, bow or crossbow. The oversized 14” tall X 36” wide horizontal windows and 46” tall vertical windows provide great visibility, and great shot angles for bow, gun and crossbow hunting, giving you that extra advantage when a trophy presents itself.

The Buck Palace Blind is perfect for introducing young children because the vertical windows allowing them to make shots at closer deer than they can typically make out of traditional deer blinds with taller windows. The blind is large enough to accommodate up to 3-4 people. The Buck Palace 6X6 is also a favorite for hunters that like to film their hunts with plenty of room for all your camera gear, tripods and plenty of windows to film from.

Exterior Size: 74″ x 74″ x 83″  –  Interior Size: 71″ x 71″ x 80″  –  Side & Back Windows: 27.25″ x 9.5″   –  Corner Windows: 46″ x 8.5″   –  Door Window: 18″ x 9.5″   –  Weight: 370lbs

Redneck Predator BlindRedneck: The Predator 360 – 5×6 Crossover Blind

The long vertical windows and oversized horizontal windows make it ideal for any type of hunting, whether shooting a compound bow, traditional bow, crossbow or rifle. The large windows give you plenty of room, visibility and variety of angles to make that perfect shot when a big trophy presents itself.

It is perfect for introducing young children because the vertical windows allow them to make shots at closer deer than they can typically make out of traditional blinds with taller windows. The blind is large enough to accommodate up to 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children, so hunting can be a comfortable and enjoyable family activity.

Our pro-staff and customers rave about how camera friendly the blinds are when you decide to film a hunt to save those cherished memories in the field with family and friends. Available as blind alone or with the industry’s highest quality 5ft or 10ft powder coated steel towers.

Exterior Size: 72″ x 63″ x 82″  –  
Interior Size: 68″ x 59″ x 80″ –  Front Window: 14″ x 36″
Door Window: 9.5″ x 18″  –  Side Windows: 14″ x 25″  –  Corner Windows: 9.5″ x 46″
Weight: 330 lbs

Redneck Trophy TowerRedneck: The Trophy Tower
Cross Over 5×5


The industries first true multi-function hunting blind, the Redneck Trophy Tower 5X5 Crossover blind features 14″ tall x 36″ wide tinted tempered automotive glass windows that maximize visibility and give the gun and crossbow hunter maximum room and maneuverability out of the window to get the perfect angle for any shot. The large window will accommodate the largest compound or recurve crossbows. The windows feature the industries tightest design using deluxe automotive window gaskets to keep the blinds dry and bug free. The blind is perfect for one hunter, but is spacious enough to accommodate two hunters.

No details were spared when designing the interior of this blind, with wrap around shelving on three sides and four upper corner shelves, allowing a hunter to have all their accessories within easy reach. The carpeted lower walls and floor provide maximum comfort and sound control while on the lookout for your next trophy.

Every Redneck Hunting Blind is made with 100% fiberglass to ensure a durable and sound tight product. The fiberglass-molded exterior is composed of a UV protected gel coat that won’t peel or fade making the blinds virtually maintenance free.

Exterior Size: 60″ x 60″ x 82″
Interior Size: 56″ x 56″ x 80″
Side & Back Windows: 36″ x 14″
Door Windows: 18″ x 9.5″
Weight: 275lbs

Redneck: Powder Coated Stands

Redneck Powder coated stands

  • Made from 3/16″ powder-coated bent steel to resist rusting
  • Universal size to fit any Redneck Blind
  • Stand heights available from 5ft to 15ft
  • Steps & platform feature non-slip punch plate design
  • Hand rail on ladder for safety
  • Roomy upper platform with rails to ensure safe blind entry & exit
  • Welded tie down ring & blind mounting tabs
  • Includes four 24″ long leg stakes, a 30″ ground anchor with 3/16″ galvanized Cable and Turnbuckle for securing to ground (extras may be purchased separately)
  • All parts are laser cut & drilled for a precise fit
  • One size nut & bolt for all fittings makes for easy assembly
  • “X” bracing for rigidity
  • Weight: 425lbs


Redneck Hunting Blind Chair

Redneck Blinds accessories seat
Redneck Blinds accessories

Redneck Blind Window Gun Rest

Redneck Blinds accessories Window Gun Rest

Redneck Blind Bow Holder

Redneck Blinds accessories bow holder

Redneck T-Post Feeder

Redneck Blinds accessories feeder

Redneck Blind Camera Mount

Redneck Blinds accessories Blind camera mount
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