Ambush Blinds

JJC Outdoors is a proud dealer of Ambush Hunting Blinds

Ambush Stalker BlindStalker Hunting Blind By Ambush

The Stalker is the core blind that started it all for Ambush Blinds.  The octagon-shaped hunting blind features a unique window configuration that provides multiple shot angles with either your rifle, crossbow, or bow.  The Stalker is a fully insulated, strong, and scent-containing blind that features tinted windows ensuring optimal concealment.  Stalker Hunting Blinds are 6’x6′ with four leg brackets included that will accommodate four by four posts to add elevation.

Ambush Phantom BlindPhantom Hunting Blind By Ambush

Our Phantom Hunting Blinds are built with the same materials as the Stalker series.  Using our Durabond Panel System our blinds are built for strength, durability, and insulation.  Phantom blinds are fully insulated and vented allowing you to stay comfortable while you are out hunting.  The tinted windows of  Phantom Hunting Blinds, paired with the dark interior will keep you hidden.  This traditional square hunting blind is available in a 5’x5′ size.

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